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Last Updates

News 2019

New Project in Sultanate of Oman

2 German AS 350 B2 just arrived at Muscat and are prepared to spray date palm trees to protect against aggressive insects. KM Aviation could manage this deal including freight to and from Oman.

Another B3 to the Top of the World

We are proud to announce another dry-lease project (with Heliswiss Iberica) for an AS 350 B3 to India´s top high Himalayan mountains. The helicopter will be used for premium heli-skiing and mountain rescue service.

News 2018


Unloading in Namibia´s desert

This Jet-Ranger has been delivered from Australia to a Namibian security company. The helicopter will be used for border- and poacher control.

New Helicopter IFR Training Organization in Spain

KM Aviation could arrange the delivery of an IFR certified AS 355 N to Barcelona / Sabadell. the new owner is establishing an IFR school. Interested pilots or companies, please ask for details.

News 2017


Last European Bell 222 to Ethiopia

KM Aviation could arrange the sale of an Austrian based Bell 222 UT to Ethiopia. Obviously this was the last one in Europe, but in best condition, overhauled and new painted. A crew ferried the helicopter via Croatia, Greek, Egypt, North Sudan to Addis Ababa, where...

Low Skids for AS 350 for sale

Landing Pad, LH, Low Footstep (350A41-1016-1251) Landing Pad , RH, Low Footstep (350A41-1016-1351) Cross Tube Front (350A41-1000-21) Cross Tube Rear (350A41-1029-02) Serviceable with all accessories Ask for price.

Preparation for Re-Union Islands

KM Aviation arranged the delivery of an Airbus 350 B to the French Re-Union Island in the Indian Ocean. Very soon the helicopter will start passenger flights through the exciting landscape of this tropical island.

Looking for suitable helicopters

KM-Aviation is looking for suitable helicopters for the following dry-lease requests: India, AS 350 B3, 1-2 years Madagascar, Bell 206, 1-2 years Tunesia, Robinson R 44, 3 years Montenegro, Bell 206, 1 -2 years Please ask for more detail.

News 2016

Bambi Buckets for sale

We can offer some used buckets for 550 Liter capacity. Please ask for details.

Alouette II 1965

Back to the roots? No - but it´s a good feeling sitting in a 1965 Alouette II, reminding me on my first flights in the 60´s. Still the same smell. This Al II will get a new life in South Africa.  

Destination again South Africa

KM-Aviation just shipped another Bell Jet-Ranger III to Durban by sea freight. Both - seller and buyer - welcomed the service, having all in one hand of KM, from paper work, loading, customs and freight to buyers destination.

News 2015

Nepal´s first B4 delivered by KM Aviation

The earthquake in Nepal caused a big demand of helicopter transports. Unfortunately the operator Mountain Helicopters has been affected by a fatal crash of their AS 350B3 by hitting a power line. Now this helicopter - also delivered by KM Aviation 3 years ago - has...

New contract with India

With the assistance of KM Aviation Service a new dry-lease contract for an AS 350B3 has been signed with an operator in India. The Spanish registered helicopter is just in preparation for delivery by air freight and will be used for seismic survey flights...

Engine C20B for sale

S/N CAE-801299AF, serviceable, good remaining times. Please ask for detail.

Helicopter Operation Company for Sale

Company is based in Spain with valid AOC for Public Transport, Film- and Photography. Own Heliport, Hangar, Fuel Station and Office are available. Based close to beaches. Please ask for more details.

Police Helicopter Equipment for Sale

From a temporary police mission in Europe we are offering FLIR Ultraforce infrared camera system, Night Vision Goggles and Trakkebeam Searchlight. The equipment has been used on AS 355. Ask for more details.

By Sea Freight to Mozambique

KM Aviation has arranged the sea freight of a Bell 222 SP to Mozambique. The helicopter landed aside the vessel in Hamburg port and could be loaded without removing any component or part. This gives the new owner the good option to start flying without...

News 2014

EC120B to Australia

KM Aviation has delivered another helicopter to Australia. The EC120B, previously registered in Germany, has just arrived on time in proper condition in Sydney. Sea freight and all combined handling has been again part of the "Full Service Package" of KM...

Bell 206 B II

Bell Jet-Ranger BII will be available from mid December for single-component-sale. Good remaining times on M/R blades, C20B engine and others, ask for details. Until 10.th of December the helicopter remains in flying condition and can be purchased for only...

Bell 412, SPIFR

Available for dry-lease or ACMI. Ask for details.

Complete EMS Kit for AS 350

A complete EMS Kit for AS 350 series inclusive various medical equipment has been delivered to an operator in Turkey, who is operating for air rescue and inter-hospital flights.

EC135P2, brand new, 0 hours

EC135P2, brand new, 0 hours. This helicopter has been delivered from Airbus Helicopter factory in 2013, not assembled yet, still in bonded warehouse. Immediately available for a fair price. Please ask for all details.

AS 350 B3 E to India

KM Aviation is just preparing the airfreight of a brand new B3E to India. The helicopter will be on a lease contract for survey- and other operations in the country.

News 2013

Helicopter Ground Support Vehicle

KM Aviation is able to offer a Renault Master, 2,3 CDI, year 2011, like new. The vehicle has a large crew cabin, Jet A-1 900 liter refueling system, Honda generator, maintenance boards. Asking price is € 33.000,--

Bell 429

One of our client has a delivery position of a brand new Bell 429, available immediately. Helicopter is still at factory but ready to go. Please ask for more details.

Saudi Arabia

Three AS 350 B3´s just finished successfully geophysical seismic survey flights in Saudi Arabia. It was hard work for the crews with OAT of more than 40 degrees C. After the summer temperature peak a part of the project will continue in autumn this year....

AS 350 B3+, ready for dry-lease projects worldwide

A 2007 B3, fully equipped for aerial work, will finish her seismic survey flights very soon. The helicopter has an excellent component status. We are open for any new projects and promise best service and technical support.

Bell Jet-Ranger with full Spraying Equipment

We offer one Bell 206 B II with 2 kits of Simplex 4900-S Belly Tanks with Micronair AU Atomiser and 2 kits of Spreader Simplex 6300-S.More small items available due to stopping of ag operation. Jet-Ranger has excellent component times.

News 2012

To the End of the World

One of the AS 350 B3, leased to Africa, is just en-route to a very remote tiny island, called Gough Island. Ever heard of this? Next distance to land is 2.900 km to South Africa and 3.500 km to Argentina. Total population: 6 person on weather station. The...

A 109E loaded in 747 Freighter for South Africa

KM Aviation was contracted for the airfreight from Liege, Belgium, to Johannesburg. The A 109E will be operated for offshore- and SAR missions in South Africa. With the tailboom and M/R blades removed, the helicopter fitted carefully through the 747 cargo...

First Fixed Wing Sale

This Cessna Caravan could be sold from Germany to India with financing by ITCA, Tokyo. The aircraft will be prepared for the ferry flight to Mumbai, which obviously will be a nice experience for the ferry crew.

AS 350 B3´s to West Africa

After long negotiations and preparations a dry-lease contract for two B3´s starts now in Westafrica. K.M. Aviation could arrange this operation for onshore explorations with two almost brand-new helicopters from Heliswiss Iberica, Spain.

Demonstration of Bell 429

K.M. Aviation got the chance to take part on a demonstration ride of the new Bell 429. The helicopter has been presented at Emden Airport for Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC) which is an offshore operator and typical client for the 429. This twin-engine...

News 2011

C-30 Engine Price reduction

The owner has reduced the sales price of this C-30 engine down to US$ 238.000,--. Please ask for more details.

Bell 407 shipped to Australia

Another Bell 407 has been shipped to Australia by K.M. Aviation Service. The helicopter will be used for aerial work in the onshore-oil business in the region Australia and Papua New Guinee.

Obviously, this is not a helicopter

Who ever loves old boats: This lovely maintained wooden power boat is the neighbour of my berth in Spain. The owner changes to a bigger one and wants to sell this for € 45.000,--. It is 10,0 m long, 2,80 m wide and is powered by a 170 hp Perkins...

Price Reduction on EC130B4

The offered B4 with only 100 hrs since new is now available for a price of € 1.71 Mio ex Spain. Also available for dry- or wet lease.

Visit in Nepal

K.M. Aviation and Heliswiss Iberica visited the AS 350 B3 operation of Mountain Helicopters in Nepal. The helicopter is on a lease-purchase contract since October last year and is mainly used for rescue missions and logistic support in high altitudes. Cpt....

News 2010

Second Helicopter to Papua New Guinea

On schedule could K.M. Aviation ship a german registered Bell 407 via Sydney to PNG. It is the second helicopter for the same client who is operating in the on-shore drilling business in hot and high jungle areas. "The 407 is just the right helicopter for...

AS 350 B3 to Nepal

K.M. Aviation could arrange a lease-purchase contract of a Spanish B3 to Kathmandu / Nepal. The helicopter is almost brand-new, year 2009, and fully equipped for Areal Work, Para Public Service and EMS. This puts the Nepalese operator Mountain Helicopters...

Price Reduction on Bell Jet-Ranger

Price Reduction on Bell Jet-Ranger. This nice ex-Government helicopter has a price reduction of € 30.000,-- New price is € 320.000,-- ex Austria.

News 2009


German Teuto Air becomes Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC)

Teuto Air, a small helicopter operator since 1991 and run by Klaus Mueller, is sold to a group of companies at Emden, North Sea. The company´s name is changed into Northern HeliCopter GmbH. NHC continues the ambulance experience of Teuto Air and is serving the German...

New engine Arriel 1D1

New engine Arriel 1D1 available for sale ! Only 3 flights hours since new.

SA 365 C3 from Spain to Germany

KM Aviation could manage a delivery of one SA 365 C3 from Spain to Germany. This Dauphin is equipped for EMS and Offshore and will be operated by Teuto Air / OLT at the North Sea Coas.


Agusta 109 A, A II, MAX or C for dry-lease in Germany


Caution Panel of AS 355 F1, maufactured by SUDELEC, urgently needed servicable or unservicable. Even damaged out of crash possible !!

News 2008


From sunshine into snow

Another AS 350 B2 has been sold by K.M. Aviaition from Spain to Sweden. After a 3 days ferry the helicopter landed safely at customer`s facility in deep snow area. Customer`s comment: "The most beautiful B2 we ever saw".

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